Hybrid Enterprises

Turning today's trash into tomorrow's treasure.

Founded in 2012, Hybrid Enterprises LLC (“Hybrid”) is a Los Angeles-based supplier of component parts to the waste management industry. Product lines include:

Containers & Parts

e.g. curbside rolling bins, axles, grab bars, rubber tread wheels 

Upstream Plastic

e.g. recycled plastic resin currently sourced in Mexico 

Upstream Metal

e.g. copper alloy products currently sourced in Peru 

Green Products

e.g. paper straws, bamboo napkins, paper cups, etc. 

Stainless steel axles and catch bars for residential rolling trash carts — contract manufactured using Hybrid-owned molds in two facilities near Qingdao, China — account for a majority of our sales. We're strategically diversifying our geographic,  product, and customer focus. Please get in touch; we'd love to work with you!

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