• We urge you to consider a relationship with Hybrid1, and look forward to working with you in one or more of the following roles:


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Advisory Board Member

We're especially interested in prospective advisors with specific expertise in IP licensing, artificial intelligence, and the EMEA region. 

Portfolio Company

We're looking for atypical entrepreneurs -- with scalable businesses in various industries -- who need help taking their businesses to the next level.

Strategic Partner

win-win solutions with stakeholders including brands, technology platforms, governments, real estate developers, etc.

Team Member

We're on the hunt for employees and contractors across the board, from student interns in SoCal to a CFO in Saudi Arabia. 


We're always interested in showcasing new, potentially disruptive products and services.


We provide planning, design, and advisory services to public and private entities around the world, specializing in Location-Based Entertainment (LBE).


especially accredited individual investors who are interested in joining a syndicate-style angel investing club as Limited Partners (LPs)

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